In Fearless Pursuit

What is it that sets your soul on fire?

I believe many of us are still searching for someTHING that ignites us. That pushes us to be the best at, but what’s stopping us from finding it?

Are we too busy? Is it cause other things take priority?

If we don’t fearlessly pursue our own passions…then who will?

‘Tis The Season…For Pumpkin Spice

‘Tis The Season!

Pumpkin Season…or as you might know it “basic white girl” season is here! The weather starts to change and so do the lattes.

However, those lattes you are drooling over as you wear your leggings and long shirts are packed with sugars! A grande can set you back almost 50grams of sugar…that’s with non-fat milk and NO whipped cream.

This pumpkin season, I urge you to give this Shakeology a try. Let your inner “basic white girl” sing and not totally ruin her sugar intake with one drink.

Happy Pumpkin Spice Season!


Pumpkin Pie Shakeology

Waste Not, Want Not

Waste Not, Want Not…

I don’t know about you, but nearly every week there are items in the fridge that I completely forgot I purchased previously. It usually ends with me scolding myself and then begrudgingly tossing it in the trash. Truly, what a waste!

In the following article, you will read about little tips and tricks that can help you both save money, but also not end up tossing out those beautiful-organic-non gmo-locally picked-IG picture worthy fruits and veggies.

Top shelf, bottom shelf, front, back, pantry, plastic wrap, etc. Confusing now…grateful later!

12 Food Storage Tips to Make Your Groceries Last Longer

Does Your Life Make You Happy?

What you are doing right now…does it make you happy? As human nature, we are constantly searching for that ethereal happiness. The type of happiness that everyone on social media seems to be able to achieve, except you.

Not everyone has it. Some people fake it. Others become jealous over it.

The one thing that is for certain and without a doubt, everyone deserves to be happy. Find it and never stop searching for it. No one else will hand you happiness. Only you are responsible. It is your life…now go live it!

Where Do You Live?

Where do you live? It is clean? Is it messy? Does it look like the home of a person who works two jobs and has to find time to sit or does it look like the home of a classy post on social media that has everyone “oooing and awwwing”?

The care you put in your actual home may not be seen by everyone, but the “home” of your person shows to the world on a daily basis. So why not take care of it?

Think about it. Everything you do, feel and eat shows on your body. The frown lines, the laugh lines, the greasy pizza, the heartache of relationships. You only get one body and it has to serve you for all of your life. Why not take care of it inside and out? Why not make it a home to be proud of. Make it yours and show off where you live!

Life is a Balancing Act


Life is a Balancing Act

So the hubs asked frazzled me as I cleaned up from dinner last night…”What’s wrong???” I replied with a look – you know the look I am talking about moms. His next question was…”Are you doing too much???”

I think as women we are always doing too much. No matter what we do, the TO-DO list is growing – its a never ending vicious cycle. Life is a balancing act and I often feel like I am about to fall off the tight rope. I struggle with defining priorities and trying to be something for everyone.

Being a stay at home mom / business owner is something that has challenged me. There are days and weeks I feel so on point and then weeks were I just feel like the biggest hot mess – particularly this week.

I sit here now realizing that my girls have no clean uniforms for school tomorrow, my to do list is way out of control, we have a much needed date night tonight which I have totally let slip by the wayside of the past few months, I promised the girls that I would let them decorate for halloween after school, Madalyn has a project due on Thursday – I feel completely overwhelmed.

I’ve been here before and know I’ll be in this place again. I know exactly what to do. So I want to share my advice with all of you. … First, BREATHE. The world will not end if your kids were dirty clothes to school. Prioritize your tasks. Time with your kiddos and time your husband are always #1.

So right now we are going to sit right here and watch some hilarious videos of Ellen sending her producer into haunted houses…because right now that’s all that matters. Making memories is what matters most.

You got this mamas! Keep on keeping on!🙌🏻

{DOUBT Kills} More Dreams than Failure Ever Will

doubt-kills-more-dreams-than-failure-ever-will{SELF DOUBT} is something everyone struggles with in some form or another. …

Doubting ourselves in every aspect of our lives. Parenthood, career, marriage, friendships, and so on. I could go on all day. …

For me this is something I struggle with daily. Thoughts of “am I enough” as a mother, a wife, entrepreneur, coach, leader, friend. …

What I have realized, through much personal development, is that all of these thoughts are {self limiting} beliefs all based around striving for perfection. And Perfection is, excuse my language, bullshit. It’s an impossible goal we set for ourselves – it doesn’t exist. …

What is perfection really? What do we base it on? It’s based on comparing ourselves to others. It’s based on what we think is happening in other people’s lives. The funny thing is we are all doing the same thing! I’m hear to tell you that comparison is the thief of joy.  SO. JUST. STOP. …

Self reflection and personal growth is so important in our journey of life. Instead of comparing, why don’t you reflect on your life, far from perfect but how absolutely messy and beautiful it is. …

What if the perfection is in the messiness? What is perfection is in failures and learning to be better?

So stop doubting, follow your heart, throw perfection out the window…{YOU} know exactly what to do and it’s okay if it’s not what everyone else is doing. Screw self doubt – Screw perfection – YOU GOT THIS

Now I am going to take my own advice tonight and be content that I am exactly where I am meant to be. How about you? 💗

Act On Your Commitments Not Your Feelings


This quote has been playing over and over in my head since I heard it last week. In those moments when I feel like I can’t…I remember this. It’s easy to let your feelings take over – trust me my feeling this morning was stay in bed!

But I committed to getting up and having my workout and personal development done for the day by 6:30 am. So today I am feeling pretty darn proud because I acted on my commitment.

When you are feeling like you really don’t want to do something…remember this quote. I bet it will push you to get whatever it is done!

Strawberry Garden


Strawberries are almost in season and it’s starting to get warm outside!

Strawberry Garden is a simple but delicious Shakeology recipe. 


1 serving of Strawberry Shakeology

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 cup fresh spinach, coarsely chopped

2 Tbsp. fresh lime juice

1 tsp. raw honey

1 cup ice

Mix all the ingredients in your blender, blend, and enjoy! ♥